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Policies, Terms & Conditions

  • Copyrights and Trademarks

    By submitting a design to, or using logos stored on the site, you warrant and represent that you are the sole, legal owner or licensee of all rights, including copyright, to each copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, logo, statement, portrait, graphic, artwork, photograph, picture or illustration of any person or any other intellectual property included in such design.
    Further, you warrant and represent that no part of the design: (a) violates or infringes upon any common law or statutory right of any person or entity, including, but not limited to, rights relating to copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, moral rights or rights of public performance; (b) is the subject of any notice of such infringement you have received; or (c) is subject to any restriction or right of any kind or nature whatsoever which would prevent from legally reproducing the images or text submitted.
    You agree to defend, at your sole expense, any claim, suit, or proceeding brought against which relates to, or is based upon, a claim that any portion of the design infringes or constitutes wrongful use of any copyright, trademark, or other rights of any third party, provided that gives you written notice of any such claim and provides you such reasonable cooperation and assistance as you may require in the defense thereof. You shall pay any damages and costs assessed against pursuant to such a suit or proceeding. Further, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless from and with respect to any such loss or damage (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) associated with any such claim, suit or proceeding.
    All items shown on this web site containing corporate logos or registered trademarks are shown only to illustrate's logo reproduction capabilities. Purchase of merchandise from in no way, shape or form grants you permission to reproduce logos, nor does it transfer, grant or lease ownership of any logos or trademarks to you.
    The contents (including arrangement and assembly) of the Web site including but not limited to: text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, and software, are copyrighted materials owned by or used with the expressed permission of the copyright, trademark name or service mark owner. As such, the contents are protected by the US and international copyright laws.
 hereby authorizes you to copy materials published by on this Website solely for non-commercial use within your organization in support of products. You may print a single copy of materials on this Website for your personal use in learning about, evaluation or acquiring services or products.
    No other permission is granted to you to print, copy, post, reproduce, republish, distribute, transmit, upload, download, store, display in public, alter or modify the materials by any means, including but not limited to: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without's permission, "mirror" any material contained on this site or any other server. Further, no permission is granted to you to use icons to hyperlink other websites with this site or to use the name, trademarks, trade names or patented designs for any reason.
    You may use the content and software on this site as a shopping resource.
    Any permission granted terminates automatically if you breach any of these terms or conditions. Upon such terminations, you must immediately destroy any downloaded and/or printed materials. Any unauthorized use of any material contained on this site may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity and communications regulations and statutes.
 requests that, in addition to respecting our intellectual property rights, you respect the intellectual property rights of others. Among other things, by placing an order on this site, you represent that you have the right to use all logos, text and/or graphics submitted to be made into designs. reserves the right, under the appropriate circumstances and in our sole discretion, to refuse to accept orders from customers who have infringed or otherwise violated the intellectual proper rights of others.
    Except as expressly provided above, nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring on the user, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right under any patent, trademark, copyright, or other proprietary or industrial right, of, its affiliates or any third party.

  • Privacy and Security

    Privacy Statement
    We understand and share your concern about privacy. We want to assure you that respects your privacy. does not sell, rent, or loan any personally identifiable information regarding its customers to any third party. We do collect passive information on products browsed via log files and we analyze this information in aggregate to ensure our site is merchandised in a manner that adds the most convenience and value to our customers.
    Information Collection and Use does not sell, rent, or loan any personally identifiable information regarding its customers to any third party.
    When an order is placed, we collect basic information including your name, home address, phone, and email address. We use this information to confirm your order and to respond to any questions you may have. Where required, we also share this information with certain intermediaries (UPS, Cybercash, & Product Manufacturers) strictly to process and ship your order.
    Registered Members
    In return for registering as a member on our site, we offer to keep you informed of new and ongoing benefits, exclusive sales and promotions and other members-only benefits. We appreciate any additional, optional information you are willing to share with us, such as when, where and how often you buy bags. This optional information helps us tailor your experience at our site, showing you content that we think might be interesting to you. Depending on the information you give us, we will also provide you with Buy-1-Get-1-Free deals, gift ideas, and other special offers. You may make changes to your information profile at any time by clicking the My Account link located at the top right of every page.
    If you register as an member, we include you on our list to receive email updates about special offers, and new products and services. We will only send you email communications that you expect as a result of your selections within this membership program, and promotions in which you actively choose to participate. If for any reason you do not wish to receive this information, please reply to any of our emails and type "unsubscribe" in the subject line. You may opt-out of receiving future mailings at any time.
    A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. We use cookies to track your stay on our site and to keep track of the items in your shopping cart so you don't have to re-enter them each time you visit. Our usage of cookies includes anonymous, non-personally identifying information to help us better market and serve our customers. We use third-party advertising companies to serve and track our ads. These ads may contain cookies as well.
    Log Files has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information that we collect. We use your Internet protocol (IP) address to help identify you and your shopping cart and to gather broad demographic information. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.
    Security Statement takes every precaution to ensure your privacy and security are safeguarded throughout your entire ordering process.

  • Terms and Conditions

    DELIVERY: The goods shall be delivered to buyer F.O.B. Seller or manufacturer's dock. Seller shall not be liable for any delays or failure in delivery due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. In the event this sale includes delivery in installments of or a series of sales, unless the purchase order states to the contrary, non-delivery or default by Seller as to any installments shall not relieve buyer from the obligation to accept and pay for subsequent or prior installment, even though such non-delivery or any default substantially impairs the value of the sale. Seller shall arrange all shipments so as to reserve a security interest in the goods by making the shipment bill of lading to the Seller's or Seller's nominee.
    IDENTIFICATION: Identification of the goods shall occur when the Seller or manufacturer ships the goods, whether to the Buyer directly or to the Seller or to another third party.
    TENDER AND PAYMENT: Seller shall tender delivery by notifying Buyer by invoice identifying the goods and Buyer’s purchase order upon identification as above provided. Upon breach of contract by the Buyer, as to an installment or the whole, or failure to make timely payment for any delivery of goods, Seller may treat such breach as severable or as a breach of the entire contract. Future deliveries may be suspended for failure to make timely payments for any goods of Seller, therefore, delivered to Buyer, and Seller may thereupon require without releasing Buyer of Buyer’s obligations to accept goods hereunder, as condition to future delivery, that Buyer pay cash on delivery of all future deliveries and treat failure to do so as a breach of the contract, terms of credit hereunder to the contrary notwithstanding.
    SECURITY INTEREST: Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Seller reserves a purchase money security interest in the goods for the full price and Buyer further grants to Seller a security interest in the goods pursuant to the provisions of the California Commercial Code Articles 2 and 9, the provisions of which shall fully apply to the sale and Buyer authorizes seller to file a financing statement respecting the goods and to execute same on behalf of Buyer’s attorney-in-fact and Buyer agrees that Buyer will not assert against an assignee of Seller any claim or defense which Buyer may have against Seller, with respect to any assignee who takes Seller's assignment for value, in good faith and without notice of a claim or defense, except as to a defense of a type which may be asserted against a holder in due course of a negotiable investment.
    RISK OF LOSS: Risk of loss shall pass to Buyer upon identification. Buyer shall pay all costs of insurance from the time risk of loss passes to Buyer. Buyer agrees to keep the goods insured against loss of payable to Seller as its interest shall appear.
    DELAY: Neither party shall be responsible for any losses resulting in the fulfillment’s of any of the terms of this sale is delayed or prevented by revolutions or other civil disorders, wars, acts or enemies, strikes, fires, floods, acts of God, or by any other cause not within the control of the party whose performance is interfered with, and which, by the exercise of reasonable diligence, such party is unable to prevent, whether of the class or causes enumerated or not.
    WARRANTIES: Seller warrants that excluding defects, malfunctions or other failure of goods caused by unreasonable use or damage to the goods while in the possession of Buyer, all goods are manufactured within catalog or purchase order specifications, subject to industry standard tolerances and are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days after date of delivery of good to Buyer or consignee. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTY THAT THE GOODS ARE MERCHANTABLE OR FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SELLER SHALL BE THAT THE GOODS WILL BE FREE FROM DEFECTS IN MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP FOR A PERIOD OF 30 DAYS. THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY MADE IN LIEU OF ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES AND THE SOLE LIABILITY OF SELLER SHALL BE TO REPLACE ANY GOODS FOUND TO BE DEFECTIVE. Buyer affirms that it has not relied on Seller’s skill or judgment to select or furnish goods for any particular purpose. Physical properties are not warranted; exact matches of color and material or printing are not guaranteed. Seller shall not be liable for normal manufacturing defects within industry tolerances, nor for Buyer variations from specifications due to the nature of materials and/or colors employed in printing thereon. Failure of buyer to submit any claim hereunder within 30 days delivery of goods shall be an admission by Buyer and conclusive proof that such goods are in every respect as warranted and shall release Seller from all claims from damages or loss sustained by Buyer.
    REJECTION: Defect of part of the goods delivered shall not be grounds for rejection by Buyer of all the goods, nor all of the particular items which the defect is found as to some of those items, nor shall such defect be grounds for the cancellation by Buyer of the undelivered portion thereof. Failure to deliver any installments due to a defect in any delivery, quantitative or qualitative, constitutes severable breach only, and Buyer cannot treat the whole defective delivery as a substantial breach in accordance with the customs and usages obtaining in the industry. Buyer shall pay on the due date for all goods delivered regardless of any failure of any other installment or shipment.
    INSPECTION: Buyer shall have the right to inspect the goods at any time during normal business hours at Seller’s facilities. The failure to inspect shall not be deemed a waiver of any of Seller's warranties.
    CLAIMS: Any claim for defective materials, for defective manufacture, for the shortage of for any other cause is waived by Buyer unless made within 30 days after delivery of the goods. Evident loss or damage to a shipment must be indicated by a notation made by the carrier’s agent on the delivery before the receipt is signed. The notation must clearly specify the extent of loss, shortage or damage. Concealed damage must be reported to the carrier within 10 days after delivery. The filing of claims with carriers for loss or damage in transportation must be executed within a reasonable time in accordance with the carrier’s requirements. If Buyer desires the assistance of seller filing such claims, it must report them to Seller within a reasonable time so as to enable Seller to comply with the common carrier's requirements. Any action or arbitration under this control must be commenced within one year from the date of delivery of the goods.
    EXCLUSIVE REMEDY: In the event Seller breaches this contract Buyer's exclusive remedy shall be to return goods or any part thereof which may be defective or non-conforming and receive, at the election of Seller either replacement of the goods or credit by Seller of all or, in the case of a partial breach, a pro rata share of the purchase price that has been paid by Buyer at the time of the breach. Replacement or Repayment of such purchase price or part thereof shall discharge Seller from all obligations under this contract.
    WAIVER OF CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES: Seller is not liable for consequential damages or loss of anticipatory profits in the event of commercial loss.
    APPLICABLE LAW: This sale shall be governed by Uniform Commercial Code and any other law enacted of the State of California.
    INTERPRETATION: This writing is intended by the parties as a final expression of their of their agreement and complete and exclusive statement of the terms thereof. The prior dealing between the parties and usage of trade shall be relevant or admissible to supplement explain any of the terms of this agreement. Acceptance of, or acquiescence in, a course of performance rendered under this sale shall be relevant and admissible to determine the meaning of the terms of this sale, provided the accepting of acquiescing party knowledge of the nature of the performance and an opportunity to make an objection. No representations, understanding, or agreements have been made and relied upon in the making of the terms of this sale. The terms of sale can be modified only in writing signed by the parties of their duly authorized agent.
    WAIVER: Except as hereinabove provided to the contrary, no term of this sale or breach thereof shall be deemed waived, except by written consent of the party whom the waiver is claimed, and any waiver of the breach of any term shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or succeeding breach of the same or any other term.
    ARBITRATION: Any dispute respecting any term of performance or payment under this sale shall be arbitrated in accordance with the commercial arbitration provisions of the American Arbitration at Los Angeles, California. Notwithstanding any provision of the aforesaid Rules or status to the contrary, the refusal or failure of any party to appear at or participate in any hearing or other portion of any arbitration proceeding pursuant to this paragraph shall not prevent any such hearing or proceeding going forward, and the arbitrator is empowered to make a decision or render an award, or both, which shall be binding on such party as fully as though such party had fully participated in such hearing or proceeding.
    ATTORNEYS' FEES: The prevailing party, in any action and/or arbitration arising out of this state, shall be entitled, in addition to any other damages or relief afforded by the court, to reasonable attorneys' fees and costs.
    LATE CHARGE: In the event the Buyer fails to pay any statement due to the Seller within 30 days of shipment, Seller shall be entitled to a late charge equal to 1.5 percent per month of the unpaid amount until such amount is paid.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We unconditionally guarantee all defective merchandise. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return or exchange any unused or defective merchandise for a prompt refund. View our complete Return Policy.
    The Security Pledge protects you while you shop at so that you never have to worry about credit card safety.
    We guarantee that every transaction you make at will be safe. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your credit card as a result of shopping at
's servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an encryption technology that works with Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and AOL's browser so that only can read a buyer's personal information. We also utilize a Cisco firewall to keep all sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) secure.
    Shopping online at is statistically safer than using your credit card at a restaurant or department store. Technical experts point out that online purchases without human intervention are far safer than traditional credit card transactions because the information is immediately encrypted into a scrambled message that can only be decrypted by an authorized computer.
    You will join millions of other customers who have safely shopped over the Internet. We're certain after successfully shopping online at, you will be on your way to appreciating the power, convenience, and security of shopping from home.

  • Over Runs and Under Runs Policy

    Due to the nature of manufacturing plastic bags, the exact quantities ordered are seldom produced. For that reason, all order quantities shipped are subject to some variation from the quantity ordered. All overruns manufactured will be invoiced. Our acknowledgement of your order will include the overrun quantity. Your invoice will show the exact quantity shipped. If a refund for an underrun is due, a check will be included with the invoice.
    Small quantities (4,999 pieces or less) ship exact. All other printed bags are subject to an over or under run of 10% to 25%. This range is based on the product and its different variance as noted. The policy of over- and under runs is a commercially acceptable practice and exists industry-wide. If the exact quantity is an absolute necessity please let us know. It is generally available for an additional fee, depending on factory and item. Our Customer Service Representatives will be able to assist you with the cost.
    Quantity tolerances
    Please note: Quantity tolerances vary depending on bag size and quantity ordered. Tolerances of up to +/- 20% on plain bags & up to +/- 30% on printed bags must be accepted, +/- ¼" tolerance on hole locations, +/- ½" tolerance on die cut handle location. Print location may vary.
    Size tolerances
    Size may vary within acceptable industry tolerances of +/- ¼" on length and width. Seal top bags: width is measured from between the zipper crimps; length is measured from bottom of bag to bottom of zipper unless otherwise specified.
    Thickness Tolerances
    Mil thickness may vary +/- 10%. High-Density T-shirt and merchandise bags, as well as some low-density bags less than .001 mil will include suffocation-warning print.
    Color Tolerances
    Ink colors will be matched as closely as possible. may vary +/- 10%. The Opaque film may vary in color and opacity. If no film sample is supplied to to match, we will determine the color and opacity.

  • Shipping Policy

    Shipping Information offers different shipping methods to accommodate your budget and event date. Our quotes show the most economical shipping method available for an order unless otherwise specified. Oversized, very large or heavy shipments will all be sent via LTL (Less than Truck Load) carrier.

    Orders are shipped FOB from their point of manufacture. We are able to deliver to most locations in the United States. Carriers other than the US Postal Service may have restrictions on delivery to PO boxes, APO, or FPO addresses. Some carriers offer Saturday deliveries. These deliveries may also incur additional charges. If you need your items delivered on a Saturday, please call us so we can check if it's available in your area. Deliveries are not available on most U.S. Holidays. ships from multiple facilities throughout the US.
    If you have ordered multiple items, they may ship from different facilities. As a result, they may arrive at different times and in separate shipments. When ordering multiple items you may specify different methods of shipping per item.

    Own Shipping Account
    If you would like us to ship your order and bill it to your account, we ask you to provide us with the carrier name and the account number on the quote page. Please note: when items are shipped via third-party billing, is not responsible for damage or loss incurred during shipment. All claims or charges must be filed by you with your freight carrier.

    International Shipping
    Shipments outside the continental US are also available. Please contact us to discuss the best shipping method for your order.

    Split Shipments
    We can ship your order to multiple locations. If you are having difficulty with the online order form, please note this in the special instructions field of your order or contact us at 1-877-992-2247 or click here to email us, and we will make all the arrangements.

    Delivery Times
    You need to consider the time it takes to produce your item and the shipping method you selected.

    Production time + Shipping time = Delivery time

    Example: You order an imprinted pen with a production time of "10 business days" and choose ground or regular delivery service. This level of shipment takes 5-7 business days to arrive within the continental US. In this example, you have the 10 production days plus the 5-7 days for shipment you have a total delivery time of 15-17 business days.

    Production time is based on receiving your order with a valid method of payment and the correct design information. On orders where you have requested Samples and Pre-Production Proofs, production begins when we receive your approval and payment method has been cleared. All times are reflected in business days.

    We will be happy to assist you at any time with any problems that you may encounter. Please contact us at 1-877-992-2247

    Normal production is 5-25 business days after all approval, depending on the product.

    Rush Production (Guaranteed On-Time Production):
    Rush production is 1-7 business days after all approvals. All orders required for sure-dated events must be discussed with Aplasticbag before a firm commitment is made, and must be indicated on the sales order. Air shipments may be required in order to meet sure-dated orders, at the expense of the customer or distributor. Non-sure-dated orders are approximate and all efforts will be made to maintain these dates. Orders requiring proof approval must respond within the time designated or the order may be delayed and incur additional charges. NOTE: We cannot be responsible for delays in shipments caused by weather, system failures, or other causes outside of our control.

  • Return Policy

    General Return Policies
    1. We will exchange/credit a stock product, even if you make the error, but you will be responsible for all transportation charges.
    2. All exchanges and returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Exchanges and credits cannot be processed without one.
    3. An RMA must be requested within 30 days of the original invoice date. Thereafter, all sales are final.
    4. The returned package must be received within 15 business days of the RMA issuing date.
    5. When returning products, we strongly recommend the use of a carrier that can track packages. You also assume responsibility for ensuring the returned item.
    6. All items must be returned in "as new" condition in the original packaging and have all accessories, blank warranty cards, and users' manuals.
    7. Please note all return conditions listed below as applicable to your return.
    8. As part of our Buy with Confidence Guarantee, we do not charge any restocking fees but some restrictions may apply for sealers and machines.
    9. Damaged merchandise must be reported within 5 business days, please be sure to report the damage immediately with the shipping carrier when the package is delivered so that we can process your claim.
    10. If your item is defective, it needs to be reported within 10 business days, and you must have the original box.
    11. Please be advised that if your order requires us to reship an item due to the original item arriving damaged, defective, shorted, or miss-shipped order, you will be temporarily charged for that item(s) and you will be credited when the original item(s) or claim is closed. To have a return processed for your order, call our toll free number at 877-992-2247 Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm PST
    Exceptions to our Return Policy
    Of course, if you custom prints your order or request a product that is made to your specific dimensions, these items cannot be returned for credit or exchange. Special order items and/or custom products are not returnable with Due to certain manufacturer return policies, some electronics/machines will not be accepted for return due to customer cancel. This information will be provided to the customer once the return request has been made.
    How do I return a product?
    If a product does not meet your expectations, return it to us within 30 days of purchase and we will gladly exchange it or refund the full purchase price but you will be responsible for all transportation charges. Of course, if you custom prints your order or request a product that is made to your specific dimensions, these items cannot be returned for credit or exchange. If Aplasticbag or the manufacturer is at fault, we will send you a UPS ARS label to return the product free of charge. You must call 877-992-2247 to get Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. All shipments should be inspected upon receipt. Missing or damaged cartons must be noted on the incoming freight bill. We suggest you read the complete returns policy before you make your purchase, as well as thoroughly check the proof and your order on all Custom Orders.
    We will need the following information to process your return:
    1. Original order number #
    2. The item being returned and quantity
    3. Reason for return
    4. Your name and daytime phone number
    5. Your e-mail address
    6. Please also advise us as to whether or not you would like your merchandise reshipped or credit posted to your account.
    How Do I Request a Product Return?
    1. Call 877-992-2247 for an RMA. Please have your order number ready.
    2. Write your RMA number legibly on the return label.
    3. Return the entire package to:
    Attn: Returns Center (RMA Number :_____)

    4023 Trail Creek Rd
    Riverside, CA 92505

    Returns must be 100% intact, in the original packaging with the UPC or barcode clearly visible. Any components, manuals, registration card(s), software, cables and/or accessories must also be included. Unfortunately, if merchandise returned to our warehouse is in an unstockable condition, we will be unable to issue a full credit.
    Who pays for returning a damaged or defective item?
    If or the manufacturer is at fault, we will send you a return label to return the product free of charge. Simply place the label on the box and return it to any authorized UPS center or drop box. If the product is under warranty, call Customer Service at 877-992-2247 for the return label and for help getting a replacement product.
    When Will I Receive My Credit?
    Credit will be issued within 3 business days of receiving your return. All refunds for credit will be issued to the credit card account that appears on the original invoice. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. Please note that your financial institution may take up to 5 additional days from the date we issue the credit to post it to your actual account. Questions regarding this should be directed to your financial institution. When returning an item paid for by check or money order, a refund check will be mailed to you within 5 business days from the time we receive your return.
    When Will I Get My Replacement Product?
    When exchanging an item, you will be sent a replacement item and a new tracking number once receives, approves, and processes the returned item.
    What is the Return Policy for Custom Orders?
    Of course, if you custom print your order or request a product that is made to your specific dimensions, these items cannot be returned for credit or exchange.
    How do I return Items Shipped to APO / FPO addresses? will honor return requests for orders shipped to APO / FPO addresses. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be issued for the order. Unfortunately, is unable to have a call tag issued for orders shipped to APO / FPO addresses. Therefore, returned merchandise will be at the customer’s expense.
    What is's Money Back Guarantee? will offer a 30-day money back guarantee for non-printed merchandise. However, if the incorrect item was ordered or customer has changed their mind regarding an order, a restocking fee and shipping charges will apply. All packages should be inspected upon delivery. Defective items need to be reported within 10 business days and must have the original box. Shortages or wrong item delivered must be reported within 5 business days after delivery. Restocking fees are determined based upon the condition of returned merchandise, the original freight, and the cost of item pickup. Special order items and/or custom products are not returnable.
    What is's Exchange Policy? will gladly offer an exchange for any items received damaged or defective provided the damaged items are reported within 5 business of the order delivery and the defective items are reported within 10 business days of the order delivery. Due to policy, any claims made after 30 days of receipt of order cannot be honored by. Special order items and/or custom products are not returnable.