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Organza Bags

Organza Bags Offer a Beautiful Way to Package a Gift

Custom organza bags will add a touch of elegance to any item placed inside of them. These organza bags would be perfect for favors, jewelry, cosmetics, candies and so much more. Have your organza bags customized with graphics or a logo to give them an eye-catching look. The wholesale pricing on these organza bags offers an affordable way for a business to advertise a product or service. If your company needs their custom organza bags sooner than later, rush production is available. On-time production is also guaranteed on all orders. If your company has any questions about a specific product available, feel free to call or contact APlasticBag.com. Your company can also complete our Sales Quote form to request a FREE, no-obligation sample.
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Wine Organza PouchRD13Organza Bags
Wine Organza Pouch
Item #: RD13
As low as: 101.25/250
20 option(s) available.
Velveteen PouchesRD06Organza Bags
Velveteen Pouches
Item #: RD06
As low as: 40.50/250
30 option(s) available.
Retangular Lame PouchesRD11Organza Bags
Retangular Lame Pouches
Item #: RD11
As low as: 54.00/250
8 option(s) available.
Rectangular Organza PouchesRD01Organza Bags
Rectangular Organza Pouches
Item #: RD01
As low as: 37.13/250
135 option(s) available.

Paw Print BagsRD07Organza Bags
Paw Print Bags
Item #: RD07
As low as: 60.75/250
4 option(s) available.
Jute BagsRD10Organza Bags
Jute Bags
Item #: RD10
As low as: 84.38/250
5 option(s) available.
Gusseted Organza PouchesRD02Organza Bags
Gusseted Organza Pouches
Item #: RD02
As low as: 94.50/250
72 option(s) available.
Fishnet PouchesRD05Organza Bags
Fishnet Pouches
Item #: RD05
As low as: 50.63/250
23 option(s) available.

Faux Suede PouchesRD09Organza Bags
Faux Suede Pouches
Item #: RD09
As low as: 50.63/250
4 option(s) available.
Cotton PouchesRD08Organza Bags
Cotton Pouches
Item #: RD08
As low as: 60.75/250
7 option(s) available.
Organza BagsGW-49Organza Bags
Organza Bags
Item #: GW-49
As low as: 4.50/12
72 option(s) available.
Products Found


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