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When the holiday shopping season kicks in; gift boxes are in high demand by customers. A man will walk into a jewelry store for an engagement ring; which will be encased in a jewelry box. APlasticBag.com provides gift and jewelry boxes as types of retail boxes.

What is a retail box? Retail boxes are cardboard boxes designed for retail use. These boxes typically fall under the gift box category.Boxes come in various assortments and styles. Some boxes have handles;which can hold small; fragile items or perishable food products. Boxes with handles are common in bakeries. Flat; rectangular boxes are common in clothing and shoe stores to protect apparel and shoes from damage and dust. Smaller-sized boxes are used by many jewelry retailers. As you can see; APlasticBag.com has many options for wholesale retail boxes. We offer boxes made with biodegradable material to cater to your business vision and save the environment.

We offer personalized retail boxes. With personalization; retailers have marketing advantage to their customers by using boxes with logos. Thus;personalization offers the benefit of promotional advertising. Our team will use your submitted designs on your customized retail boxes.

At APlasticBag.com; we offer different shipping speeds ranging from overnight to three days. We also have a price match policy. If you have problems with your order; we have a generous return policy. Returns are not available for personalized products.

If you want ordering and pricing information; then contact us at 1-877-992-2247. You can order online via APlasticBag.com.
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Jewelry BoxesBX001Retail Boxes
Jewelry Boxes
Item #: BX001
As low as: 54.15/100
258 option(s) available.
View Jewelry BoxesBX002Retail Boxes
View Jewelry Boxes
Item #: BX002
As low as: 64.79/100
14 option(s) available.
Viewit Stationery BoxesBX003Retail Boxes
Viewit Stationery Boxes
Item #: BX003
As low as: 42.19/50
6 option(s) available.
Silverware BoxesBX004Retail Boxes
Silverware Boxes
Item #: BX004
As low as: 75.21/50
6 option(s) available.

Set-Up Apparel BoxesBX005Retail Boxes
Set-Up Apparel Boxes
Item #: BX005
As low as: 78.49/100
10 option(s) available.
Gift Certificates, Envelopes And FoldersBX006Retail Boxes
Gift Certificates, Envelopes And Folders
Item #: BX006
As low as: 385.11/200
2 option(s) available.
Gift Certificate BoxesBX007Retail Boxes
Gift Certificate Boxes
Item #: BX007
As low as: 121.03/100
7 option(s) available.
Puff Pillow PacksBX008Retail Boxes
Puff Pillow Packs
Item #: BX008
As low as: 75.08/250
1 option(s) available.

White Alligator Candy BoxesBX010Retail Boxes
White Alligator Candy Boxes
Item #: BX010
As low as: 111.25/250
3 option(s) available.
White Gloss Tuckit Gift BoxesBX011Retail Boxes
White Gloss Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX011
As low as: 28.57/100
28 option(s) available.
White Alligator Tuckit Gift BoxesBX012Retail Boxes
White Alligator Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX012
As low as: 23.66/100
28 option(s) available.
100% Recycled Kraft Tuckit Gift BoxesBX013Retail Boxes
100% Recycled Kraft Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX013
As low as: 28.57/100
18 option(s) available.

Laminated Tuckit Gift BoxesBX014Retail Boxes
Laminated Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX014
As low as: 74.17/100
13 option(s) available.
Tinted Kraft Tuckit Gift BoxesBX015Retail Boxes
Tinted Kraft Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX015
As low as: 47.23/50
37 option(s) available.
Tinted Gloss Tuckit Gift BoxesBX016Retail Boxes
Tinted Gloss Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX016
As low as: 57.97/100
30 option(s) available.
Lock Corner Gift BoxesBX017Retail Boxes
Lock Corner Gift Boxes
Item #: BX017
As low as: 29.58/50
76 option(s) available.

Gable BoxesBX019Retail Boxes
Gable Boxes
Item #: BX019
As low as: 39.95/100
50 option(s) available.
Hat BoxesBX020Retail Boxes
Hat Boxes
Item #: BX020
As low as: 79.51/25
4 option(s) available.
Apparel BoxesBX021Retail Boxes
Apparel Boxes
Item #: BX021
As low as: 48.32/25
54 option(s) available.
Mailing BoxesBX022Retail Boxes
Mailing Boxes
Item #: BX022
As low as: 66.61/100
4 option(s) available.

Pharmaceutical BoxesBX023Retail Boxes
Pharmaceutical Boxes
Item #: BX023
As low as: 33.02/36
14 option(s) available.
Bakery BoxesBX024Retail Boxes
Bakery Boxes
Item #: BX024
As low as: 23.11/50
126 option(s) available.
Two-Piece Lock Corner BoxesBX025Retail Boxes
Two-Piece  Lock Corner Boxes
Item #: BX025
As low as: 39.86/50
10 option(s) available.
Donut TraysBX027Retail Boxes
Donut Trays
Item #: BX027
As low as: 43.13/200
6 option(s) available.

Products Found


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