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Factory Direct Gift Boxes at Wholesale Prices

If business owners are looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade their business, jewelry boxes could be the answer. Jewelry stores and similar businesses can enjoy selling their jewelry and offering custom jewelry boxes. Their customers can think of them every time they use their jewelry boxes.

Imprinted Boxes

Business owners can choose imprinted jewelry boxes that will give their business a high end look. These boxes can be imprinted with a single color or multiple colors depending on what the client is lookingfor. Custom imprinting is available on every order along with rush production. A guaranteed production time is always offered.

Types of Boxes

There are many custom printed jewelry boxes out there to choose from. Business owners can find durable boxes made out of metal or cardboard boxes filled with cotton. These boxes come in many shapeoptions and can hold jewelry of all sizes. They are the perfect options for anyone buying rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. A good box gives customers a place to store their items safely. Individuals can find unique boxes in a variety of different color options at APlasticBag.com. If you're interested in free samples,complete our Sales Quote form today. There is no obligation to purchase anything!

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Imprinted White Gloss Gift BoxesPWC70Gift Boxes
Imprinted White Gloss Gift Boxes
Item #: PWC70
100 Bags Min.
20 option(s) available.
Imprinted Tinted Kraft Gift BoxesPWC69Gift Boxes
Imprinted Tinted Kraft Gift Boxes
Item #: PWC69
100 Bags Min.
26 option(s) available.
Imprinted Natural Kraft Gift BoxesPWC72Gift Boxes
Imprinted Natural Kraft Gift Boxes
Item #: PWC72
100 Bags Min.
30 option(s) available.
Imprinted Gloss Gift BoxesPWC68Gift Boxes
Imprinted Gloss Gift Boxes
Item #: PWC68
100 Bags Min.
18 option(s) available.

White Alligator Tuckit Gift BoxesBX012Gift Boxes
White Alligator Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX012
As low as: 23.00/100
26 option(s) available.
Tinted Gloss Tuckit Gift BoxesBX016Gift Boxes
Tinted Gloss Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX016
As low as: 56.00/100
15 option(s) available.
Lock Corner Gift BoxesBX017Gift Boxes
Lock Corner Gift Boxes
Item #: BX017
As low as: 28.00/50
56 option(s) available.
100% Recycled Kraft Tuckit Gift BoxesBX013Gift Boxes
100% Recycled Kraft Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX013
As low as: 27.00/100
18 option(s) available.

White Gloss Tuckit Gift BoxesBX011Gift Boxes
White Gloss Tuckit Gift Boxes
Item #: BX011
As low as: 27.00/100
27 option(s) available.
Two Piece Giftware BoxesBX009Gift Boxes
Two Piece Giftware Boxes
Item #: BX009
As low as: 31.00/50
34 option(s) available.
Gift Certificate BoxesBX007Gift Boxes
Gift Certificate Boxes
Item #: BX007
As low as: 116.00/100
6 option(s) available.
Products Found


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