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Zipper Access Doors - 36 x 48", Blue - 1 / Case

Zipper Access Doors - 36 x 48
Zipper Access Doors - 36 x 48 Zipper Access Doors - 36 x 48 Zipper Access Doors - 36 x 48
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Zipper Access Doors - 36 x 48", Blue - 1 / Case

If you want to keep your marine vehicles looking as fresh as they were when you first bought them, get your hands on the access door that lets you in your vehicles while they are shrink wrapped.
  • Long Lasting
  • High Quality Material Usage
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    Shrink wrapping your marine vehicles is an ideal way to store them for a long time, while protecting them from the environmental hazards. But what about the problem of finding that you left behind your important documents in your boat or dropped your wedding ring into it! Perhaps you failed to disconnect the battery and now fear that it will damage the surrounding area.Fear not, for our high-quality access door will allow you build this functionality, when you shrink wrap your boat! This zipped door is extremely easy to attach to your shrink wrap and works in the same manner. Our access door is prepared from durable plastic and will offer functionality, as long as it remains installed within the shrink wrap. All you need to do, is use the installed zipper and access the treasures within!
    • Perfect for providing access in seldom used vehicles
    • Great for periodic cleaning of your RVs
    • Best employed on a wrapped boat

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    Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
    Weight 1.00 lb per 1 Qty/Case

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