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If you are worried about your products becoming moist because of shrink wraps being wrapped around them, the new tight vents are the ultimate solution to your problem.
  • Long Lasting
  • High Quality Material Usage
  • If you use shrink wrap covers from time to time, then you may have noticed that sometimes, moisture can build up under the covers, and really damages your equipment and items. This problem requires an intricate solution for most people. However, with our amazing weather tight vents, the issue is resolved in the most ideal manner.This shrink wrap vent is perfectly designed to defeat the bug of moisture. It provides excellent ventilation under the cover, while still keeping your items safe, from the external elements, such as harsh weather.This product is designed as a self-adhesive tent and this means that it does not need any special support to be installed with your shrink wrap cover. It has raised walls with scalloped edges and therefore, can be installed in either the horizontal or the vertical plane.
    • Intricate design
    • Designed for warm installation
    • Removable top
    • Protects against harsh weather

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