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Clear Anti Static Ziplock Bags - 4 X 6" - 500 / Case

Clear Anti Static Ziplock Bags - 4 X 6

Clear Anti Static Ziplock Bags - 4 X 6" - 500 / Case

Electronic parts dealers and computer hardware owners often have clientele in distant locations. In such situations, it is necessary that the electronic hardware is shipped safely. However, certain products release static charge, which may cause harm to the product or to the ones interacting with it. Our clear antistatic zipper bag ensures that safe packaging is provided to the devices.
  • Visibility because of clear bags
  • Practical solution for computer hardware owners
  • Protection to the components against static charge and environmental conditions
  • Easy-to-use zip-lock feature
  • Military-grade MIL-B-81705 standard
  • Advanced performance in humid environment

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If you have customers located in another city or state, you need a safe option to deliver electronic items to them. Static electricity produced by certain electrical components is injurious to the product or the person interacting with it. Using low quality packaging material can damage the electronic device as well as pose a hazard to the person handling it. You should our Clear Anti Static Ziplock bags. Our anti static bags reduce electrical static charges and are an efficient solution for travelers and hardware stores.
  • Clear and transparent bags allow item visibility
  • Protects electrical devices against static damage
  • Ziplock feature allows easy closing and opening
  • Meets MIL-B-81705 requirements
  • Superior performance in humid conditions

Additional Detail

Mil (Thickness) 3 Mil
Generally Ship 5-10 Business Days
Material Bubble
Style Reclosable
Weight 5.00 lb per 500 Qty/Case

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