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Poly Mailers Protects Your Items and Makes Your Brand a Star

We provide USPS certified custom poly mailers to a wide variety of traditional and online retailers. Our aim is to provide our customers a quality and affordable packaging solution. Through our poly mailers, we have successful met the packaging demands and requirements of businesses. Our customers range from retail outlets, sporting goods store, toy stores, gift and flower shops, to jewelry stores, and more! If you want a lightweight, customizable, durable, tear, waterproof, and tamper resistant solution, and environment-friendly solution, you need to ship and deliver your products in our custom design poly mailing envelopes.

Increase Your Reputation by Using Courier Bags Made to Last

When it comes to offering superior quality courier bags, we make sure to give you more than one option. Based on your requirements, you can opt for plain, white poly mailers, personalized imprinted poly envelopes, custom poly mailers, etc. When you purchase mail order shipping bags from us, you receive the following benefits:

Made “Born” in the USA

We have manufacturing and printing facilities in the United States. We only use local material and tools to manufacture and print our custom poly mailers. Using USA made material allows us to control and maintain the standards of quality. All completed products are put through rigorous inspection to preserve quality.

We Meet Your Deadline

We strive to meet your demands for fast and quick delivery. Our manufacturing and printing facility has the capability to produce 5000 to a million courier bags in one to four weeks.

Order More, Save More

You can order our poly mailers in bulk and save money! We have storage facilities where we place all the poly mailers so you do not have to and we ship them to when you need more. By ordering in bulk, you save time, meaning no four-week period waiting time to receive the poly mailers.

Are You Not Sure on the Type of Custom Poly Mailers You Should Buy?

For people who are not sure on the type of custom poly mailers they should choose, we offer them with a number of tips to help them decide. Click the link below

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Poly Mailer for Your Business

What is all the hype behind custom poly mailers? Custom poly mailers have ousted conventional mail order shipping bags out of the competition due to its ability to offer increased and superior protection to items during delivery. If you want your brand’s name to be on display, our poly mailers’ clear plastic material ensures your business receives full exposure. Before you can begin to promote your business through our custom poly envelopes, follow these tips to make the right decision:

Option to Customize Poly Mailers

The option to customize poly mailers allows you to tailor the poly mailer based on your requirements. You can add logo, text, and slogan to the envelope and even change its size. You can transform the mailer to represent your business better to your target audience.

High Quality Appearance

You will know if a poly mailer is of high quality the minute you lay your eyes on it. The appearance of the poly mailer is a straight giveaway of the type of material used to create it. You want to invest in a bag made using low-density polythene material. Inferior material will not hold up well on the conveyor belt, thus increasing the chances of your product sustaining damage during delivery.

Offers Maximum Protection

Poly mailers with a safe seal closure offers protects maximum protection because they reduce the chances of the envelope accidently opening during delivery. When your product reaches the intended person, they will remain undamaged and unharmed.

Offers Affordability

If you are looking to purchase in bulk, affordability matters a great deal. To reduce your costs further down, you need to look at the thickness of the custom poly mailers before you place your order.
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