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Returnable Poly Shipping Mailers

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Returnable Poly Shipping Mailers

Our Returnable Poly Mailers’ two adhesive strips allow your customers to return items in the same poly mailer as they received it in. Our custom poly envelopes increase turnaround time for the retailer who accidently shipped the wrong item. Quickly rectify your mistake and impress your customers with our high quality and USPS approved poly film bags!
  • Lightweight and durable packaging
  • Made using 35% recyclable material
  • Water, puncture, and tear resistant
  • Double Re-Pak self seal closure to close and open the mailer
  • Allows items to be returned in the same mailer

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Our Returnable Custom Poly Mailers Give You the Upper hand

By using our returnable poly mailers, you offer your customers the increased convenience of returning the item to you undamaged and in the same packing as it came in. They will not have to invest in a new mailer, thus saving money. By receiving the item in the poly mailer, you will be able to identify the item and the customer easily from the label. Our poly mailers have a clear plastic front and allow you to advertise your business effectively. Your premium quality products require our premium quality returnable poly mailers.
  • Made in the USA
  • Save money on postage
  • Accepts labels and stamps

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