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Static Shielding Rolls

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Static Shielding Rolls

Looking for a safe way to transport an electronic item? Buy our static shielding rolls or get bags made of these rolls to eliminate the chances of any damage to your sensitive electronic equipments while transporting them from one place to another
  • Ideal for electronics
  • High quality
  • Clear plastic that offers good visibility

Static Shielding Rolls for Electronics

Make transporting electronics or sensitive items more secure with the help of static shielding plastic that eliminates static effectively. Available in a roll, this plastic sheet is treated to enhance its durability and for it to work like a static shield around any electronics. Crafted in accordance to industry standards, these high quality static shielding plastic rolls meet the MIL SPEC MIL-B-81705C and TYPE III requirements, making them perfect for transporting all your electronics with ease. The opaque plastic also ensures good visibility, allowing you to check on the contents easily.
  • Available in different sizes - 36 x200 and 48 x 200 yards only
  • Free sample available
  • Get a discount of 5% when placing your order online

Static Shielding Rolls for Versatility of Use

Pack any electronic or sensitive object with ease using our static shielding plastic rolls that can be cut and used according to your needs.

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