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Static Shield Two Layer Zip Close

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Static Shield Two Layer Zip Close

The Seco Pack 77-2Z is a multi-purpose highly functional protective bag for storing or transferring electronic components and devices. It makes sure that all of your shielding concerns are met. With its trademark SafecCell technology, it ensures that the devices remain protected from vibrations and shock. The zip pouch makes it easy-to-use for handling sensitive hardware safely. Electrostatic shielding and shock prevention are two of the most outstanding features.
  • Great for transporting electronic devices safely
  • Zip-lock protects items from falling out of the package
  • Worthy investment
You can use a variety of shielding pouches for protecting your devices, but the Seco Pack 77-2Z is an ideal product for all your shielding needs. This product also works as a cushioning pouch, as it has the trademarked Safecell technology, which protects the carried devices from shocks and vibration. You can also ensure ease of use with this zip pouch, as it is easy to close, and ideal when you need to handle precious electronics. This excellent product offers a combination of electrostatic shielding and shock protection.
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent transportation characteristics
  • No accidental spillage of items

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