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Shrink Wrap Racks

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Shrink Wrap Racks

The wraps can be quite the challenge to handle. Thanks to the new film rack, you don't have to be troubled anymore and now you can actually handle the large wraps easily!
  • Long Lasting
  • High Quality Material Usage
  • One of the common problems, when trying to personally shrink wrap your boat and other RVs, is the sheer weight of the shrink wrap rolls. You struggle to move them around, and often face problems in positioning the film perfectly. We think about all your shrink wrap problems, and offer this heavy duty film rack.This excellent shrink wrap rack is able to hold four different rolls of shrink wrap. It is easily able to cater to around 800 pounds weight of these films and also allows you to place the installation supplies on it. This film rack uses heavy caste wheels to move around the area, as it is too difficult to lift or drag around.We ensure that you will face no problems moving your shrink wrap around, once you buy this product and start using it for all your shrink wrap projects.
    • Manufactured using powder coated steel
    • Stores wrapping supplies
    • Ships on a freight truck

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    Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days

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