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Pneumatic-Constant Auto Sealers - 16", 15mm - 1 / Case

Pneumatic-Constant Auto Sealers - 16
Pneumatic-Constant Auto Sealers - 16
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Pneumatic-Constant Auto Sealers - 16", 15mm - 1 / Case

Now secure your packages in the best possible way with our Pneumatic Constant Auto Sealers. Since it allows the user to have complete control on the sealing pressure, you get to aim at a more consistent and stronger seal. Moreover, it saves time and is extremely efficient thanks to the auto sealer foot pedestal. The crowning achievement of the sealer is its capacity to operate without making a loud noise.
  • Securely seals all types of packaging material
  • Long lasting seals
  • Easy to operate
  • Time saving

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Our Pneumatic-Constant Auto Sealers is an automatic sealers that offers you more control over the sealing pressure, allowing you to make stronger and consistent seals every time. You can use the auto sealers to seal thicker bags. The constant auto sealers foot pedestal increases its functionality and usability. The auto sealers also do not make loud noises as compared to conventional sealers.
  • Noise-free auto sealer
  • Seals polycello films, cellophane films, humidity proof cellophane films, bags coated with aluminum foil, polyethylene films, and gusseted bags
  • Produces wide seals on thicker material
  • Offers more control over sealing pressure

Additional Detail

Width 16"
Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Seal Width: 15 mm
Watts: 520 W
Weight 59.00 lb per 1 Qty/Case

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