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Muscle-Pak Poly Mailers

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Muscle-Pak Poly Mailers

Deliver hundreds of parcels for less with our Muscle-Pak Mailers! These mailers are lightweight, making up for lower costs. Made from strong co-extruded plastic material, these weatherproof, and tear resistant envelopes are extremely durable and easy to use. Just peal off the liner to expose the adhesive, fold over the mouth of the bag and seal closed. Easy to mail by using pressure sensitive stamps!

  • 100% recyclable
  • Co-extruded for maximum parcel protection
  • Tough, tear-proof polyolefin envelopes
  • Water-resistant pack that keeps valuable protected
  • Durability and Thickness
  • Tamper resistant

Why choose Muscle-Pak Mailers?

If you are looking to lower your overhead costs, our Muscle-Pak Mailers should be your go-to mailers! These envelopes are made from high quality plastic with a co-extruded seal that keeps the package safe from external damage. The seal is also water-resistant, offering greater safety for your customers’ belongings. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, this product is far more economical than most mailers available on the market. In addition, the increased thickness of this Poly Mailer will add to the protection of your goods while they are moving around during the shipping process.

  • Sealable lip for increased protection
  • Heavy duty plastic build
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Self Seal
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Extra thickness and durability
  • Tamper resistant

What type of custom poly mailers should you order from us?

For those who are unsure of which custom poly mailers they should choose, we offer several ways to help you choose. You can either call us at 877-992-2247 or Fill Out Our Form and we will contact you!

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