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Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers

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Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers

Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers provide a secure self-seal closure and an affordable way for mailing literature, catalogs and brochures. APlasticBag.com has worked close with its clients in order to create the perfect poly mailer to display your goods. These clear view poly mailers are made from tear-resistant 3 Mil polyethylene, have a clear front for viewing contents and an opaque back for address information and postage. Ultimate in quality and lightweight for low cost postage, varying from 250 to 500 per case. Interested in Custom Printing? Contact us directly for quantity and pricing!

Perfect for: Brochures, Marketing Materials, other Documents, and more!

  • 3 Mil thickness
  • Tear and puncture resistant material
  • Sure-safe closer ensures products will reach their destination undamaged
  • Rigur - a paper like material enables you to write and stick labels on the bag
  • Waterproof bag keeps moisture out
  • USPS certified bag
  • Made in the USA
  • Quantity Per Case will vary based on the Size of the Item Number

Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers Manufacturer - Wholesale & Distributor

Discover the perfect solution for mailing your literature, catalogs, brochures, and marketing materials with Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers from APlasticBag.com. We've collaborated closely with our clients to craft the ultimate poly mailer that not only safeguards your goods but also proudly showcases your brand.

Key Features of Our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers:

Secure Self-Seal Closure:
Our mailers are equipped with a secure self-seal closure, providing peace of mind that your contents will remain safely enclosed during transit.

Tear-Resistant 3 Mil Polyethylene:
Crafted from tear-resistant 3 Mil polyethylene, these mailers are built to withstand the rigors of shipping, ensuring your materials reach their destination intact.

Clear Front for Content Display:
The clear front of our mailers allows for easy viewing of the contents, providing a captivating preview of your brand and products.

Opaque Back for Addressing:
On the flip side, you'll find an opaque back, perfect for affixing address labels and postage, ensuring proper delivery.

Lightweight for Low-Cost Postage:
These mailers are designed to be lightweight, helping you save on postage costs while maintaining the utmost in quality.

Waterproof and Tear-Resistant:
Our mailers are not only tear-resistant but also waterproof, providing a protective barrier against moisture and the elements.

USPS Certified:
These mailers are USPS certified, meeting the postal service's stringent standards for secure and efficient mailing.

Made in the USA:
We take pride in manufacturing our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers right here in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and supporting local production.

Custom Printing Options Available:
Looking to add a personalized touch to your mailers? Contact us directly for custom printing options, including quantity and pricing details. Make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Versatile Use:
Our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers are ideal for a wide range of applications, including brochures, marketing materials, documents, and more. Their versatility makes them a valuable asset for businesses of all kinds.

Invest in the Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers that provide both protection and visibility. Our commitment to high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensures that your brand will shine through while your contents remain intact. Order today and propel your brand into the spotlight with packaging that delivers.

Craftsmanship That Sets Us Apart:
At APlasticBag.com, we take pride in our meticulous craftsmanship. Our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers are a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier packaging solutions. From their lightweight yet durable design to their tear and water-resistant qualities, every detail has been carefully considered to meet the highest standards.

Environmentally Conscious Design:
We understand the importance of sustainability in today's world. That's why our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers are crafted with recycled materials. By choosing our mailers, you're not only enhancing your brand's image but also contributing to eco-friendly practices that resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

Ease of Personalization:
Want to add a personal touch to your mailers? Our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers offer multiple options for customization. Use a ballpoint pen to write directly on the mailer, allowing you to include personalized messages or notes. Alternatively, you can easily adhere pressure-sensitive or water-based labels to the packaging. It's a versatile canvas for branding that suits your unique style.

Compatibility with Labels and Stamps:
Our mailers are designed to work seamlessly with various labeling methods. Whether you prefer meter tape, stamps, or adhesive labels, our mailers readily accommodate your chosen labeling method. This flexibility simplifies your shipping process and ensures a professional, polished look.

Enhance Your Brand's Visibility:
With a clear plastic window that proudly displays your brand, our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers turn every shipment into a branding opportunity. Your customers will be delighted to receive packages that not only protect their contents but also leave a memorable impression. It's a subtle yet effective way to boost brand loyalty and attract new customers.

Features and Advantages That Propel Your Brand:

Our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers are not just packaging; they're a marketing tool. Their lightweight design, tear and water-resistant qualities, and clear window have made them a favorite among our customers and their brand ambassadors. These mailers have the power to propel your brand into a territory of heightened visibility, recognition, and success.

Choose our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers and experience the difference that quality packaging can make. Elevate your brand image, impress your customers, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. It's time to turn every shipment into a marketing opportunity. Order today and watch your brand soar to new heights!

What Makes Our Showcase Promotional Poly Mailers so Great?


Our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers, available in different sizes, boasts a clear plastic window, thus allowing our customers to put their brand on full display. Add your personal touch by writing on the custom poly mailers using a ballpoint pen. You can also stick a pressure sensitive or water-based label on the packaging. Apart from this, it also accepts meter tape and stamps. Our use of premium material ensures the contents of the bag will remained undamaged. Order our Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers today to create a lasting impression on your customers.

Using a high-tech manufacturing and printing, we created the Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers. Everything from its lightweight design, recycled material, to its tear and water-resistant qualities has made our custom poly mailers a hit amongst our customers and their brand ambassadors. Below you can find Clear View Promotional Poly Mailers Features and Advantages that will help propel your brand into a territory!


Additional Detail

Waterproof, Tear and Puncture resistant Contents arrive safe and protected
Self-sealing Sure-Safe closure Secure
Full high gloss clear poly front for maximum exposure Protects contents from external elements
USPS approved Accepts stamps and labels
Lightweight Provides unbelievable postage savings
Customization Available Elevate your brand
Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Eco Friendly Yes, Recyclable (#2)

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