Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Better Advertising with Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Easy, Lost-Cost Advertising

Ordering tissue paper that is specially customized from is an excellent way to advertise any business at an economically feasible price. Keeping a company's logo, name, product or all three in front of potential customers in a big way is easy. Any company can have their choice of information printed on stock design or designer prints tissue paper, including everything from gold leaf to animal or baby prints.

No Minimum and Rush Orders

Whether ordering custom printed tissue paper for personal use to wrap presents with added flair, or advertising a company and its products, there’s no minimum. And, besides that, customers always get a fast turnaround at with rush order availability.

Low Prices and Price Matching Program

At, everyone gets the lowest prices on their customized tissue paper order guaranteed by the price-matching program. So, of course, ordering more means that they can save more.

Custom Printing Available With Every Order

Customizing is easy at, where putting a company’s logo, corporate brand, pictures of their product, and even photos in full-color can be added to tissue paper orders. For personal use, family pictures on customized tissue paper could make a creative addition to gift giving for family and friends, turning it into gift wrapping that nobody wants to throw away.

Call Today or Request a Free Sample

Call or contact online today for a fast salesquote.asp on printed tissue paper products, as well as a wealth of other custom printed products. And, free samples are also easily available with the short online form.