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Ice Bags

Factory Direct Ice Bags at Wholesale Prices

When it comes to preserving the freshness of chilled products, ice bags play a pivotal role. But did you know they can also be a powerful promotional tool for businesses specializing in cold goods? Whether you're selling freshly caught fish or frozen vegetables, maintaining the perfect temperature is essential. Our custom postal approved bags not only ensure product quality but also open up exciting opportunities for online sales, making shipping a breeze.

A Cool Solution for Chilled Products
At APlasticBag.com, we understand the critical importance of keeping chilled goods ice-cold. Our factory-direct ice bags offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for preserving the freshness of your products. From fishmongers to frozen food retailers, our bags are designed to meet your specific needs and ensure that your goods remain cool and appealing.

Promote Your Brand, Chilled to Perfection
But ice bags aren't just about functionality; they're also a canvas for your branding. In addition to serving as a cooling agent, our ice bags can be customized with your company logo, design, or promotional message. This dual-purpose functionality transforms them into a promotional tool, reinforcing your brand identity and attracting customers both in-store and online.

Seamless Transition to Online Sales
In today's digital age, taking your business online is more important than ever. Our custom postal approved bags ensure that shipping chilled goods is a hassle-free process. They are designed to meet postal regulations, allowing you to expand your customer base and reach clients beyond your physical location.

Why Choose APlasticBag.com for Ice Bags?
Direct Factory Sourcing: We offer factory-direct ice bags at wholesale prices, ensuring you receive high-quality products that meet your cooling and branding needs.

Customization Expertise: We excel in customization, allowing you to showcase your brand identity with precision. Transform our ice bags into promotional tools that leave a lasting impression.

Chilled Goods Preservation: Our bags are meticulously designed to preserve the freshness of chilled products, meeting the stringent requirements of businesses in the food industry.

Seamless Transition to Online Sales: With our custom postal approved bags, you can effortlessly expand your business into the online realm, tapping into a broader customer base.

Experience You Can Trust: With years of industry experience, we have a proven track record of delivering quality products and exceptional customer service.

APlasticBag.com is your trusted partner for ice bags that not only keep your products cool but also promote your brand effectively. Our commitment to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for businesses looking to make a statement in the world of chilled goods. Choose us for ice bags that seamlessly combine functionality, branding, and online sales potential.

Products Found


Printed Ice Bags on Plastic HeadersH7-BHIce Bags
Printed Ice Bags on Plastic Headers
Item #: H7-BH
As low as: 100.00/1000
3 option(s) available.
Low Density Ice Bucket LinersH8-LDIce Bags
Low Density Ice Bucket Liners
Item #: H8-LD
1 option(s) available.
Ice Bagger MachineH6-BMIce Bags
Ice Bagger Machine
Item #: H6-BM
As low as: 213.00/1
2 option(s) available.
Printed Metallocene Ice BagsH3-PRIce Bags
Printed Metallocene Ice Bags
Item #: H3-PR
As low as: 73.00/1000
6 option(s) available.

Printed Ice Bag on Wicket DispenserH5-WIce Bags
Printed Ice Bag on Wicket Dispenser
Item #: H5-W
As low as: 127.00/1000
1 option(s) available.
Printed Drawstring Ice BagsH4-DSIce Bags
Printed Drawstring Ice Bags
Item #: H4-DS
As low as: 77.00/500
2 option(s) available.
Plain Metallocene Ice BagsH2-PLIce Bags
Plain Metallocene Ice Bags
Item #: H2-PL
As low as: 61.00/1000
4 option(s) available.
High Density Ice Bucket LinerHD-1Ice Bags
High Density Ice Bucket Liner
Item #: HD-1
As low as: 23.00/1000
1 option(s) available.

Products Found


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