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Our trash bags and liners are vinyl bags & pouches made of high quality, low-density resins that provide extra toughness. They have a soft feel and are easy to handle. Low-density poly bags are available also. Like all our other company products, we offer custom printed vinyl bags & pouches. The imprinted vinyl bags & pouches meet the exceptional prices and quality standards we set.
Whether you have a mess in your yard or are outfitting a commercial kitchen, our high-quality trash bags and liners are the solution. These bags are tear and puncture resistant. They are flexible enough to withstand heavy loads.
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Soiled Linen LinersHDBETrash Liners / Trash Bags
Soiled Linen Liners
Item #: HDBE
As low as: 54.00/250
2 option(s) available.
Linear Infectious Waste LinersLBORTrash Liners / Trash Bags
Linear Infectious Waste Liners
Item #: LBOR
As low as: 42.00/500
6 option(s) available.
Infectious Waste LinersHDRETrash Liners / Trash Bags
Infectious Waste Liners
Item #: HDRE
As low as: 53.00/250
3 option(s) available.
Dressing Disposal BagsHDREDTrash Liners / Trash Bags
Dressing Disposal Bags
Item #: HDRED
As low as: 7.00/1000
4 option(s) available.

Trash LinersALLTrash Liners / Trash Bags
Trash Liners
Item #: ALL
As low as: 29.00/200
36 option(s) available.
Star Seal Bottom LinersHDTrash Liners / Trash Bags
Star Seal Bottom Liners
Item #: HD
As low as: 37.00/200
6 option(s) available.
Pan LinersALLPTrash Liners / Trash Bags
Pan Liners
Item #: ALLP
As low as: 43.00/100
8 option(s) available.
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