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Poly Tubing

Factory Direct Poly Tubing at Wholesale Prices

Poly tubing plays a critical role in a company's packaging process, and it is a great way for businesses to market their brand and products at all steps of the packaging process. APlasticBag.com's custom printed poly tubinglets you design your poly tubing from the ground up. In addition to choosing the color of the tubing, you can elect to place your company's logo or name on the bag, your slogan, your company'a address, or a clever little message that expresses your brand's playful nature.

A PlasticBag.com offers factory-direct poly tubing at wholesale prices, enabling you to customize your poly tubing according to your unique preferences. Poly tubing plays a crucial role in your company's packaging process, allowing you to promote your brand and products effectively at every packaging stage.

With our custom printed poly tubing, you can exercise your creative freedom to design your packaging from scratch. You can begin by choosing the tubing color that aligns with your brand's identity. Furthermore, you can incorporate your company's logo or name onto the bag, add your slogan, include your company's address,or craft a playful and clever message that embodies your brand's personality.

This personalized approach empowers your business to leave a lasting impression on your customers and stand out in the market. Whether you prefer a professional and sleek appearance or a more creative and playful one, our custom poly tubing allows you to make your packaging an integral part of your brand identity.

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Tubing RacksTBRACKPoly Tubing
Tubing Racks
Item #: TBRACK
As low as: 41.00/1
2 option(s) available.
6 Mil Poly TubingT60Poly Tubing
6 Mil Poly Tubing
Item #: T60
As low as: 51.00/1
17 option(s) available.
4 Mil Poly TubingT40Poly Tubing
4 Mil Poly Tubing
Item #: T40
As low as: 40.00/1
28 option(s) available.
3 Mil Poly TubingT30Poly Tubing
3 Mil Poly Tubing
Item #: T30
As low as: 40.00/1
25 option(s) available.

2 Mil Poly TubingT20Poly Tubing
2 Mil Poly Tubing
Item #: T20
As low as: 40.00/1
30 option(s) available.
1.5 Mil Poly TubingT15Poly Tubing
1.5 Mil Poly Tubing
Item #: T15
As low as: 50.00/1
28 option(s) available.
1.25 Mil Poly TubingT12Poly Tubing
1.25 Mil Poly Tubing
Item #: T12
As low as: 141.00/1
13 option(s) available.
Products Found


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