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Co-ex-Truded Bags

Co-Extruded Bags Are Ideal for Food Preparation

These factory direct custom co-extruded bags are offered at wholesale prices that will help your business keep on budget. These high-quality co-extruded bags are ideal for food that will be immediately frozen or put in the microwave. Utilize the custom printing available to personalize these budget-friendly co-extruded bags with your company's information or, a cool logo that will give them an eye-catching look. If time is an issue for your company, and you need your co-extruded bags now, rush production is available. Plus, on-time production is also guaranteed on all orders.


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Polypropylene Co-Extruded BagsP10FCo-ex-Truded Bags
Polypropylene Co-Extruded Bags
Item #: P10F
As low as: 49.00/1000
8 option(s) available.
Polypropylene Co-Extruded BagsP10GCo-ex-Truded Bags
Polypropylene Co-Extruded Bags
Item #: P10G
As low as: 53.00/1000
7 option(s) available.
Products Found


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