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Many useful things in life go largely unnoticed, like for example tapes.It’s when someone does something spectacular with these everydayproducts that people take notice. I would like to invite you look at the large inventory of spectacular everyday retail packaging supplies available at APlasticBag.com.

Our customers are largely businesses using our products either to package their retail products, advertise on their packaging, or both.Our polypropylene plastic bags cover retail in many different sizes,strengths and specific uses. From vacuum packing bags and sealers to gusseted mattress bags of several different sizes.

Look at our selection and you will see that we have about every kind of poly bag that a retailer could need. Our service is friendly,professional, and prompt. Our prices are very competitive and our minimum orders for regular or custom orders are the lowest in the business.

If you’re in the grocery business, food service or any kind of retail you’re already familiar with plastic bags as retail packaging. Think how much more you are drawn to custom packaging whether its poly bags or the custom tapes and ties that are keeping them sealed. Without looking anywhere else you will soon see that APlasticBag.com can customize just about any packaging supply and make it look spectacular. Many gift bags and fine paper Euro-Tote shopping bags start with fine colors and a high gloss finish before customizing. For wholesale tapes, ties and dispensers, and even boxes, your business can trust our business.

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Filament TapeA107Tapes, Ties and Dispensers
Filament Tape
Item #: A107
As low as: 25.20/24
5 option(s) available.
Extra-Heavy Duty Reinforced Paper TapeA082Tapes, Ties and Dispensers
Extra-Heavy Duty Reinforced Paper Tape
Item #: A082
As low as: 95.76/10
2 option(s) available.
Colored Acrylic TapeA093Tapes, Ties and Dispensers
Colored Acrylic Tape
Item #: A093
As low as: 53.42/36
8 option(s) available.
Bag Sealing Tape And DispenserA106Tapes, Ties and Dispensers
Bag Sealing Tape And Dispenser
Item #: A106
As low as: 282.24/96
5 option(s) available.

Acrylic Machine TapeA94Tapes, Ties and Dispensers
Acrylic Machine Tape
Item #: A94
As low as: 76.36/6
7 option(s) available.
Acrylic Adhesive Tape MegaA86Tapes, Ties and Dispensers
Acrylic Adhesive Tape Mega
Item #: A86
As low as: 21.67/36
13 option(s) available.
Bag Sealing TapesTAPE19Tapes, Ties and Dispensers
Bag Sealing Tapes
Item #: TAPE19
8 option(s) available.
Products Found


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