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Zipper w/Hanger Hole 3Mil

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Zipper w/Hanger Hole 3Mil

A starving tummy? You head to the fridge, take out your favorite snack from the vacuum pouch, microwave it and yum. But hey, who will re-seal the vacuum pouch? The spoil sport! Now make your life easy with our re-closable vacuum pouches.
  • A zipper at the top of the vacuum bag allows the pouch to be easily opened and closed.
  • The 3 mil zippers with hanger hole come with air removal channels to provide an eco-free storage environment for reuse.
  • Preserve your perishable food items for long and short term storages.

Ideal Vacuum Sealing Characteristics

With our 3 mil reusable vacuum zipper bags you get a packaging solution that has ideal vacuum sealing characteristics. The product is designed to offer minimum oxygen and moisture transfer rates, thereby, helping to maintain the integrity of vacuum sealed storage conditions. It also comes with a hanger hole, for the item to be conveniently hanged, helping to maximize shelf space.
  • FDA Approved for direct contact with food.
  • 3 mil thick poly nylon construction for reinforced protection against dust and bacteria.
  • Our vacuum pouches with zipper and hanger hole offers excellent vacuum sealing characteristics.

Additional Detail

Mil (Thickness) 3 Mil
Generally Ship 2 Business Days
Material Poly-Nylon
Style Hang Hole

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