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Velveteen Bags

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Velveteen Bags

Velvet is a highly soft and distinguishable material. It’s a symbol of elegance and is hard to resist in any form. A velvet bag is always a lovely addition to your style. It’s a material that never fails to catch attention.
  • It’s the perfect material to wrap a gift
  • Velvet bags are comfortable and classy in their design and appearance
  • The luxurious texture of its material is unmatched to any other fabric
  • A totally must have to give your style an appealing look
Velvet is a beautiful material and it oozes out class, when used in the right manner. We also believe that you need to turn to velvet, when delivering a classy gift to a loved one. If you struggle to select the right bag, then try our amazing velvet bags!These bags are perfect for placing your small but expensive gift. Velvet bags are excellent for delivering jewelry in the right way. You can use them to keep your own precious items as well. This product has the following wonders in it:
  • Excellent for showcasing the gift
  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for personal use

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Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Eco Friendly Reusable

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