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Velveteen Bags W/Round Gusset

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Velveteen Bags W/Round Gusset

The round gusset velvet bag looks luxurious and feels delicate. It’s the perfect choice to add a rich texture to any occasion. With a round gusset velvet bag, you are sure to add some colorful flavor to your event
  • They come in a variety of colors and sizes to best suit the occasion
  • The soft texture is highly durable
  • Ideal to wrap gifts like jewelry to enhance the sparkle with an elegant touch
  • The high quality material makes it the perfect bag to store small items

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For all those who wonder about how to best represent their gift to their loved one, we offer these perfect velvet bags. These gusset bags are simply beautiful and allow you to present your class in each of your gift. These excellent round gusset bags are able to customize your gift, and let you enjoy the happy times.Again, if you are unsure about how your gift will be received, simply placing it in one of our velvet bags will ensure that it will be received with positivity. Your perfect choice will be reflected with this dressing.
  • Ideal for romantic gifts
  • Made from high-quality velveteen

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Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Eco Friendly Reusable

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