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Vacuum Tubing 3 Mil

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Vacuum Tubing 3 Mil

Can’t find any vacuum pouches in the right size? Get this 3 millimeter vacuum tubing role that can be used to create custom pouches. The tubing is available in a variety of sizes to ensure it works with any home vacuum sealer. Crafted from FDA approved materials, it can be used for storage of food and other materials in airtight pouches.
  • Can be used to make customized vacuum pouches.
  • Easy to use with any home vacuum sealer.
  • Made with FDA approved materials for use with food.

Make Your Own Pouches with Vacuum Tubing

3 millimeter Vacuum tubing is perfect for use of vacuum sealing various items. Made from FDA approved and BPA free nylon and ploy materials, these bags are safe for use with food products. The different sizes available also ensure that they can be easily used with different home vacuum sealers.
  • Creates customized, true, air-tight seals.
  • Compatible with home vacuum sealers.
  • FDA approved for use with food
  • BPA free materials

Additional Detail

Mil (Thickness) 3 Mil
Generally Ship 2 Business Days
Material Poly-Nylon
FDA/USDA Approved Yes
Style Tubing Roll

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