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Tuf-R Heavy Gusseted Bags

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Tuf-R Heavy Gusseted Bags

Do you want a sturdier and more durable option to carry heavier and bulkier items? You can store large items that weigh a lot in our Tuf-R Heavy Gusseted Bags. Our gussets bags not only have the ability to hold weight, they also expand to increase room.

  • Comply with FDA and USDA requirements
  • Creased sides open to accommodate larger items
  • Made from virgin resin and seamless tubing with no side seals or slits
  • Puncture resistant

Tuf-R Heavy Gusseted Bags — No More Ripped and Torn Bags

Restaurants can use our Tuf-R Heavy Gusseted Bags to refrigerate food. Even households can use our gusseted bags to pack leftovers. The heavy gusseted bags are the perfect packaging option for flat objects and items. You can seal the bag using heat, twist tie, or tape. Companies can use the bag to transport and shop good as well. Our multi-purpose bags are the ideal option for all things heavy.

  • Labeled and bar coded bags for quick identification
  • Cost-effective option that also reduces environmental impact
  • Use with magazines, office supplies, food, and documents

Additional Detail

Mil (Thickness) .85 Mil
Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Material Low Density
Eco Friendly Yes, Recyclable (#4)
FDA/USDA Approved Yes
Recycling Code #4 - LDPE
Style Gusseted
Tolerance: +/- 1/4" size and thickness variance
Freezer Compatible: Yes, do not store in freezing
Water Resistant: Yes, but not waterproof
Acid Free: Yes
Sulfur free: Yes
Latex free Yes
Chlorine free: Yes

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