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Shrinkfast Extensions

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Shrinkfast Extensions

The new Shrinkfast heating kit boasts heating tools that can easily reach inaccessible or otherwise, challenging places and help you in repairing the damaged item quickly.
  • Long Lasting
  • High Quality Material Usage
  • There are many heat guns, which are on offer, but sometimes all you need is some extension. With our Shrinkfast extensions, extending the range of your heat gun becomes an easy job.Our heat tool extensions allow you to further improve the capability of your heat gun, and take it to the extremes. We believe in only offering you high quality products, and these Shrinkfast extensions work perfectly to transfer heat to extended areas. The Shrinkfast extensions available here are designed for use with the Shrinkfast 998 heat tool kit. They are sold separately, because they can be employed with other devices. Buy these extensions and start on those corners right now!
    • Improves functionality of your heat gun
    • Works with 998 tool kit

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