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Sandwich Bags - Submarine

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Sandwich Bags - Submarine

Subs and sandwiches pose a difficult problem in packaging. You need to make sure that the grease of the sauces and the sub itself does not create a mess on the customer’s hands. These bags will provide your customers an easier solution than trying to clear away drips from the packaging. This bag also provides some protection from heat, so your customers’ hands won’t scald. If you are a vendor or have a sandwich shop, then this product is perfect for you.
  • Saves time in the packaging process
  • Resistant to grease, oil, and moisture
Do you sell on-the-go food such as hoagies, submarine, and sandwiches? If you do, you should consider using our Sandwich Bags – Submarine. Our sandwich bags prevent oil and grease from leaking out of the package. You can even pack cold food such as cold sandwiches and dry food such as cookies, brownies, cakes, and bread. Our submarine bags are an attractive and mess-free option for street vendors and sandwich shops.
  • Grease resistant material offers stain protection
  • Economical option for cold and hot food
  • Perfect for the on-the-go food such hoagies, subs, and sandwiches
  • Saves time on packaging food

Additional Detail

Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Material Paper
Eco Friendly Yes, Recyclable (#4)

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