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If you are looking for the perfect heating kit that would be equipped with all the essential accessories that aid in quick heating then get your hands on The Shrinkfast 998.
  • Long Lasting
  • High Quality Material Usage
  • The Shrinkfast 998 heat tool kit is perfect for long-term use, as it comes with the most important assorted accessories. It has many important parts, such as springs, assemblies and igniter. Sometimes, your amazing heat gun is out of operation only because of a single component not working properly. We understand your predicament in such cases and offer our excellent Shrinkfast rebuild kit.Our repair kit includes a number of replacements that work just as well as the original components and extend the length of your heat tool kit. This is an ideal solution for you, if you are a commercial user and own a number of our amazing Shrinkfast heat guns. This amazing kit includes the following components:
    • One #2 O-Ring (DS-998-02)
    • One Button (DS-998-31)
    • One Combustor w/Screen (DS-998-30A)
    • One Left Housing w/Label (DS-998-16)
    • One Right Housing w/Label (DS-998-15)
    • One Trigger/Igniter (DS-998-17/18)
    • Two #33 O-Ring (DS-998-33)
    • Two #6 O-Ring (DS-998-06/24)
    • Two Retainer (DS-998-07)
    • Ten Assembly Screws (DS-998-29)

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