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PVC Shrink Film, Center Fold

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PVC Shrink Film, Center Fold

Pack canisters, CD and DVD packages and other non-edible odd shaped pallet of items with our PVC center fold shrink film. Designed to provide a skin tight wrapping, the PVC shrink film helps to secure your items for transit and storage purposes.
  • Available in different sized rolls and thickness gauges to comply with varying packaging requirements.
  • The PVC shrink film has been formulated to shrink uniformly from all sides on the application of controlled heating, to ensure a wrinkle free seal.
  • Can be used in manual or auto packaging processes.

Why Choose PVC Shrink Film for Your Packaging Needs?

The PVC shrink film provides a moisture free packaging enclosure which helps to maintain the chemical and physical integrity of the packaged object. A quick and easy to exercise packaging solution, the PVC center fold shrink film has been the preferred material for packaging across different industries and verticals.
  • A translucent profile provides a scannable view of the packaged items.
  • Ideal for packaging small to medium weight products.
  • Provides a secured and economical packaging within seconds.

Additional Detail

Mil (Thickness) 75-100 Gauge
Generally Ship 2 Business Days
Material Pvc

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