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Preservation Tapes

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Preservation Tapes

The hull tape contains protective instruments that ensure maximum protection to your products and keep them from being ruined for good.
  • Long Lasting
  • High Quality Material Usage
  • You cannot use a typical adhesive product, when looking to protect your precious marine vehicles and other stuff. Regular tapes cannot protect items against UV radiation and it is important to ensure that the objects you place in the open remain protected from it. Here, we offer you one of the best products in this regard; our wonderful preservation tape.This amazing Hull tape is 10mm thick and is backed with powerful UV inhibitors. This excellent adhesive tape is perfect for long-term marine storage, because it does not leave any residue over time. The preservation tape is prepared from high-quality adhesives and offers the best service in its class. This fine product is able to create strong adhesive bonds that will last many months, and keep your products in excellent condition. It is strong and known to work at all temperatures.
    • No residual leftover
    • Designed for creating a waterproof fit
    • Strong adhesion

    Additional Detail

    Mil (Thickness) 10 Mil
    Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days

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