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Pneumatic Foot Sealer

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Pneumatic Foot Sealer

An advanced version of its predecessor, this revolutionary Pneumatic Foot Sealer does an excellent job of sealing packages without making any noise. In order to allow you to aim for a more consistent seal, our product comes with the seal-pressure controlling option. It works with a foot pedestal as well. It is ideal for securing a number of packaging materials and provides a long-lasting seal ensuring that the items remain intact.
  • A high quality product
  • Safe to use
  • Durable seals
The Pneumatic Foot Sealer is the quieter version of its noisier counterpart, the non-pneumatic sealer. The foot sealer allows you to control sealing pressure allowing for a stronger, controllable, and consistent seal. You can use the foot pedestal to operate the Pneumatic Foot Sealer. We have manufactured our sealer using high quality and advanced materials to provide you with a durable sealer. Our Pneumatic Foot Sealer is ideal for precision packaging.
  • Control sealing pressure
  • Produces less noise than non-pneumatic sealers
  • Includes foot pedal
  • Allows you to regulate time and pressure in sealing applications
  • Easy to operate

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