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Medley Color Packs

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Medley Color Packs

Don't simply buy tissue paper. Buy tissue paper assortment packs. These packs feature several sheets of solid colors. Each pack is differently themed with matching colors. Rush order processing is available.

Please select a color from those available below:

Solid Assortment Tissue Paper

With these Solid Assortment Tissue Paper packs, you can purchase tissue paper matched to certain themes. There are several themes to choose from, featuring packs like holiday assortment, spring pack the complete pack. Each set contains several sheets of solid color tissue paper perfect for gift bags, baskets or even wrapping on its own. Make your designing easier by ordering a tissue paper pack.
  • Themed solid color tissue paper
  • Several sheets of different colors in each pack
  • Several different assortment packs to choose from
  • Rush order processing is available
  • Can be cut to size

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Assortment Tissue - Special Design
Assortment Tissue - Special Design
Item #: NWP61
As low as: 24.00/1
2 options available.
Botanicals Tissue Paper
Botanicals Tissue Paper
Item #: NWP69
As low as: 1.00/1
11 options available.
Precious Metals Tissue Paper
Precious Metals Tissue Paper
Item #: NWP70
As low as: 32.90/1
13 options available.
Gemstone Tissue Paper
Gemstone Tissue Paper
Item #: NWP66
As low as: 35.78/1
18 options available.
Color Tissue Paper
Color Tissue Paper
Item #: NWP57
As low as: 27.90/1
71 options available.
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