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Magnetic Hold with Cutter

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Magnetic Hold with Cutter

Perfect sealing is an essential part of ensuring ideal packaging. It allows the material inside the package to stay fresh for long time periods. Taking this factor into account, our magnet hold sealer with a cutter is crafted to allow flawless packaging. Using the magnet technique to create alternate cooling and heating cycles, our magnet hold sealer performs two functions of sealing and congealing simultaneously. Moreover, the cutter ensures there are no loose ends left from the packaging material. The sealer is crafted to provide ideal packaging.
  • Safe to use
  • Works with several packing materials
  • Easy usage
  • Reorders, Get Discounted Price
The Magnet Hold with Cutter hand sealer is portable and extremely versatile, adding greater convenience in packaging. It has dual timers, which means that users can pre-set cooling and heating times, and also creates consistent seals with different variations of packages. It offers greater sealing ability as it has a magnetic connector that activates when you lower the sealing arm. It keeps the arm down, until the cooling or heating cycle is complete, while a built-in sliding blade cuts away any excess plastic.
  • The dual timers make it easy to handle both sealing and congealing
  • Comes with pre-set cooling and heating times
  • Has a magnetic connector holding down the unit

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