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Love Birds Tying The Knot

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Love Birds Tying The Knot

The Wedding dove bag is made for a beautiful day that demands a perfect celebration! To make a lasting memory of this special day, add the wedding special dove bags to your wedding theme with to make the event unforgettable for years to come.
  • Perfect for a wedding or an engagement favor
  • Embellished with two beautiful doves on the bags to give it the perfect wedding look
  • High quality premium bags with added elegance of the dove etched into the fabric
  • A decorative refinement to your wedding theme with a personalized style
One look is enough to tell you that the wedding dove bags have been specially designed for a wedding. The sheer bags feature a sturdy design and are built to last making them the perfect way to present a gift at a wedding or to give out keepsakes to your guests. This wedding bag features two love birds that have been embroidered into the fabric, giving it a premium look and feel that can make any wedding day, anniversary or romantic event extra special.
  • Two doves masterfully embroidered into the fabric
  • Perfect as a wedding favor or engagement

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Eco Friendly Reusable

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