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L-Bar Shrink Wrap Systems

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L-Bar Shrink Wrap Systems

Our L-Bar Shrink Wrap Systems feature a built-in timer, film separator, work table, adjustable shrink film dispenser, twin perforated hole puncher, and film guide. The shrink-wrap systems are a cost-effective method to makes two seals at one time. To make one seal it takes only four seconds. Use our L-Bar Shrink Wrap Systems to seal a variety of different items.
  • Makes two seals at one time
  • Seals hundreds of items each day
  • Saves energy and costs down the line
Are you looking for appropriate solutions for dealing with your sealing issues? If that is the case, you do not have to worry anymore since our L-bar Shrink-wrap sealer is here to take care of it all for you. It is extremely efficient at sealing packing material securely with a capacity to make two seals simultaneously. Perfect for saving time, the L-bar Shrink Wrap Systems comes with a film separator, built-in timer, film guide, and adjustable shrink film dispenser. These features ensure perfect execution of the sealing process. Ideal for saving energy and time, the shrink-wrap offers sealing for a number of different products.
  • An exceptional product offering efficiency
  • Long lasting and durable seals
  • Time saving and economical
  • Advanced technology

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