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Hi-Performance Pallet Wrap

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Hi-Performance Pallet Wrap

This ultra premium film is ideal for businesses that involve packaging and transporting goods. The Hi-Performance pallet wrap has a stretching capability of over 300%, and is suitable for a tough load given its refined load holding, clarity and tear resistance.
  • Used for packaging
  • Used for transporting goods
  • Has stretching capability of over 300%
  • Has tear resistance

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If your business involves sending important goods to distant places, then you have to create the right sized pallets. Your pallets are susceptible to theft and forgery, if you do not protect them with our Hi-Performance pallet wrap. This wrap is able to stretch without breaking and helps you prepare the ideal packages for storing and transporting your precious products. These excellent pallet wrap rolls are perfect for use with wrapping machines and can really take a load. Our pallet wrap is ideal for transporting your precious goods.
  • Ideal for machine use
  • Can also be used with hand pallet tools
  • Prepared from high-grade material

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Generally Ship 1-2 Business Days
Eco Friendly 100% Recyclable, Reusable

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