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Heavy Duty Hand Held Crimp Sealer

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Heavy Duty Hand Held Crimp Sealer

This Heavy Duty Hand Held Crimp Sealer is great for use during times when you need to pack irregular packages. Odd-shaped items have trouble being packed by regular sealers, which is why this handy sealer is just perfect. You can seal any type of plastic and be guaranteed that the seal will not be weak. Make your packaging job easier with this heavy-duty sealer!
  • This product is ideal for packing odd-shaped items
  • This product can make robust seals on any type of plastic
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
This heavy-duty hand-held crimp sealer is a portable heat sealer, which is lightweight and therefore easy to carry anywhere you want. The sealer is perfect for sealing extra long, irregular, or small packages, and is recommended for sealing any type of plastic. This sealer is a heavy-duty sealer and is therefore meant to be used by professionals, so make sure that you read the instructions first before you go ahead and use it.
  • Aluminum mesh safety guard
  • Equipped with working light and temperature control
  • Light weight and easy to grip
  • Secure and clean seal
  • PTFE coated seal jaws

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