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Greener Stretch Films

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Greener Stretch Films

In addition to being multi-layered, HYBRiD80 consists of a metallocene additive. This makes it highly resistant in terms of stretching and when superior load retention is concerned. Available in different sizes as well as for handwrap and machine, you can also print on this stretch film.
  • Has a metallocene additive
  • Highly resistant to stretch
  • Can be printed on
For all those businessmen who gave credence to caring for the environment, our HYBRiD80 Greener stretch films are ideal for use in all applications. These pallet wraps are not only eco-friendly, they also offer improved functionality in a cost-effective manner. You should switch to Greener stretch films, if you want to place your brand as an environment-friendly one. Our green pallet wraps are available in different sizes and thickness gauges. Just buy these stronger stretch films and ensure that your pallets get transported in a safe manner.
  • Excellent product for distributors
  • Multi-layered products with improved tear resistance
  • Superior load retention

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Generally Ship 1-2 Business Days
Eco Friendly 100% Recyclable, Reusable

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