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Embroidered Floral Bags

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Embroidered Floral Bags

A floral trend never goes out of style and we also want it to stay! A floral bag always blossoms and blooms in every occasion. They are the perfect match with every look and complement each style.
  • Embroidered with a floral touch
  • Comes with highly adorable imprinting on it
  • The bag can be personalized with different styles and is sturdy
  • This is made from high quality material with great affordability to suit every occasion
The bags you find here come in many flavors. There are the fun favor bags used for parties or special events, and then there’s the embroidered floral bags that have been designed to accommodate almost any type of favor. This floral bag looks amazing and its sturdy build means that it can not only keep its contents safe, until it reaches its destination, but will also last. This floral bag offers great value at an amazingly affordable price.
  • The soft embroidered bag offers simple, yet sophisticated charm and can be further personalized according to the occasion
  • The bag is surprisingly sturdy

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Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Eco Friendly Reusable

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