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Eco-Max Pallet Wrap

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Eco-Max Pallet Wrap

The Eco-Max Pallet Wrap makes use of a metallocene formula and is stiffer and stronger when compared to the conventional hand wrap. Providing a cost-effective solution, this stretch film has small percentage of width reduction and is capable of high stretch resistance where superior load retention is concerned.
  • Is stiff
  • Is strong
  • Is cost-effective
  • High stretch resistance

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Going green is the booming idea of our times. If you also believe that it is essential to conserve the environment, then our green packaging solution will help you a great deal. The Eco-Max Pallet Wrap is ideal to replace the traditional film wrap solutions and go green. This is a strong formula and in fact, offers better value for money. Our green packaging film is strong and you require less pallet wrap to completely cover your packaging. Eco-Max is available in various widths and gauges.
  • Stronger than conventional wrap
  • Superior load retention
  • High-quality clear film
  • Low width reduction on expansion

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Generally Ship 1-2 Business Days
Eco Friendly 100% Recyclable, Reusable

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