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Constant Double Foot Sealer

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Constant Double Foot Sealer

The Constant Double Foot Sealer is the sealer to go for when you are in need of quick and efficient packing. This sealer creates a quality mesh seal that ensures that the contents of the pack do not leak. This sealer makes your job easier and guarantees a streamlined packaging process.
  • The clamping jaw applies the appropriate amount of pressure needed to secure a seal
  • The temperature can be controlled, allowing you the freedom of adjusting the heat or a wide range of materials
The Constant Double Foot sealer is perfect for packing and sealing plastic bags on a daily basis. They are meant for industrial applications, and are preferred for sealing gusset, polyethylene, aluminum foil, cellophane, and polycello bags. The foot sealer guarantees quality packaging, and creates a 5/8” wide mesh pattern seal which ensures proper security for all the bags. It also has a clamping jaw action, which puts more pressure on the seal and allows hands-free operation. The sealer comes with adjustable temperature control, and has a beeper that alerts you when the sealing or packaging process has been completed.
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Foot pedal designed for hands-free operation
  • Clamping jaws for high-quality seal
  • Excellent for daily use
  • Features a durable metal design

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