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Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches

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Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches

Do you deal with food items? Do you think that ordinary bags are just not enough for your needs? We believe that it is essential to use high-grade products when packaging food items. This brings us to our poly-nylon co-extruded vacuum bags. They are laminated and perfect for packing all kinds of food items.
  • Protect against oxygen damage
  • Extend shelf life
  • High-grade construction

The Right Packaging Pouches

Our co-extruded laminated pouches are constructed using high strength nylon layers and provide the perfect barrier to external elements. These vacuum pouches also protect your food items from moisture damage. Our thick pouches are extremely difficult to tear apart. Their vacuum packing is ideally suited to holding organic items, such as fish, cheese and other protein products. Another quality is that our vacuum pouches are clear so you can easily spot a problem with a packaged product.
  • ?Triple seal structure
  • ?Excellent tear resistance
  • ?Great for store displays

Additional Detail

Mil (Thickness) 3 Mil
Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Material Poly-Nylon
Eco Friendly Yes, Recyclable (#4)
FDA/USDA Approved Yes
Recycling Code #4 - LDPE
Style Flat
Tolerance: +/- 1/4" size and thickness variance
Temperature: 20 - 150 F
Freezer Compatible: Yes, do not store in freezing
Water Resistant: Yes
Acid Free: Yes
Sulfur free: Yes
Latex free Yes
Chlorine free: Yes

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Poly-Nylon Vacuum Pouches
Poly-Nylon Vacuum Pouches
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