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Clear PLA Panel Wheat Print Bags

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Clear PLA Panel Wheat Print Bags

Maintaining the freshness of the bread in addition to ensuring that it stays warm when delivered to customers is a difficult task. While you might be using bags for delivering of breads, they may not be working effectively. Our Wheat Print Bags can take care of that as these are coated with a PLA film, which ensures that the bread remains warm and fresh.
  • Keeps the bread fresh
  • Protects against environmental factors
  • Cost effective
Have you received complaints from customers complaining how the bag failed to keep the bread warm and fresh? Even though you may think you have been using bags, you are using the wrong type of bags that fail to ensure the freshness and taste of your bread remains intact. We have coated our Clear PLA Panel Wheat Prints Bags with a PLA film that prevents fogging and keeps the bread fresh and warm. Let your bread breathe using our wheat print bags.
  • PLA film window keeps the bread warm, fresh, and crispy
  • Prevents the bread from turning soggy

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Generally Ship 2-3 Business Days
Material Paper
Eco Friendly Yes, Recyclable (#4)

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