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Channel Vacuum Pouches

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Channel Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum pouches are extremely effective in completely sealing and preserving a particular item by enclosing it in air-tight pouches. Channel vacuum pouches are crafted with an enhanced surface that functions by allowing air to be easily removed from these pouches with ease.
  • Creates a true, air-tight pouch
  • Will help enhance shelf life
  • Preserve food without loss of flavor or texture
  • Made with FDA approved materials for use with food.

Use Anytime at Home

Channel vacuum pouches are specifically crafted for use with non-chamber machines and various home vacuum sealers including Fresh Guard, Seal-a-Meal, FoodShell, FoodSaver and more. The unique design ensures that all air is eliminated from the pouches, creating a true, air-tight pouch. Food preserves its quality and has a longer shelf life too. With these pouches, meal time becomes economical and waste free.
  • Can be used for freezing food
  • Prevents spoilage of food
  • Compatible with home vacuum sealers
  • Extends shelf life.
  • Additional Detail

    Mil (Thickness) 3 Mil
    Generally Ship 2 Business Days
    Material Poly-Nylon

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