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Automatic/Manual Single Impulse

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Automatic/Manual Single Impulse

This single impulse sealer offers automatic as well as manual setting options. While it is perfect for sealing almost all types of packages, it works especially well with thermoplastics. Limiting the chances of errors, the automatic single impulse sealer is ideal for efficiently securing packages containing every type of product. The product offers durability and a long lasting seal!
  • America’s no. 1 product
  • Safety and security
  • Automatic and efficient
The Automatic and manual single impulse sealer is programmable and is designed for sealing of thermoplastic films like polypropylene, and polyethylene. The sealer can be controlled by a circuit board with electronic timers, and which creates a uniform pressure using an electromagnet that pulls down the sealing arm. With this smart automatic sealer, you are sure to enjoy secure seals for all your packaging.
  • This automatic sealer is recommended for packaging parts, tools, stationary, food, and candies
  • It limits operational error and allows more consistent seals to be maintained
  • This product makes strong, secure and clean seals

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