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Why Choose Sparkle?

Sparkle Decoration is perfect when you need uniquely branded bags to celebrate special events, add prestige to your brand, or to simply stand out from the crowd.

SPARKLE Decoration

Sparkle Decoration’s glossy reflective dots make your bag’s artwork shine. The holographic or metallic dots come in more than 30 eye-catching colors. It is available on our non-woven and polyester bags. View the SPARKLE color chart for more information.

Sparkle Decoration is a customized process. Every order is unique and and every piece of artwork requires different dot sizes and placements. We make this process easy for you. Simply send us the artwork you'd like to use. Our talented creative team will assess your artwork and identify if any alterations are needed to ensure a beautiful result.

Font and Line Rules

Please convert all fonts to outlines (paths or curves). Block or Sans Serif fonts work best. Serif fonts are not recommended.

font requirements

Minimum Size

UPPERCASE—60 points or 1/2-inch-high minimum

lowercase—82 points or 1/2-inch-high minimum

dot size

Dot Sizes

Four dot sizes are available — 1.5, 2, 3, and 4mm. Dot size is determined by the size and design of the art and what the process will allow. Mixed dot sizes can be used within artwork, if the design is suitable for this option.

close up sparkle image

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