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Gable Box

If you looking for gable boxes, donuts boxes, cookies boxes or candy boxes, then you need to look no further than APlasticBag.com.

Choose From 4 Options Below

Stock Designs Make It Easy
To Build Your Brand At A Low Cost

If you don't have the time or resources to create custom graphics, our stock designs offer beautiful quick-turn solutions.

• Client logos are placed within the ovals on the front and back (other logo imprint options avail). • Logos can be printed 4-color process. • Avail In 3 size , Donut, Cookie an Candy. • Food-safe FDA approved. • Includes business card slot on roof. Setup FREE on orders 250 or more

Design To Impress

Custom Design Make It Unique To Build Your
Brand At A Low Cost

This Bos is ideal for waiting roms and front desks.

Everybody loves getting fresh donuts in the morning and our custom donut box is a great way to capture new clients and solidify existing relationships

Filling these boxes with cookies, and other larger treats means these 'silent salesman' promote your products and services all day long for you!

This Box is ideal for waiting rooms and front desks. Leave treats for everyone while giving you the opportunity to get your message across and leave your business card behind!

Dropping off a customized mini box at any time of the day on sales calls WILL result in better business relationships for any sales rep. We like to call them candy business cards because they're the exact same size as one!

Lower Minimum, Fixed Imprint Areas, and Limites Design Choices

Equal Big Savings!

Lowest Cost these three most popular sizes of boxes (donut,cookie,candy) available with a designated imprint area and limited design choices. The simplification of the offering makes it easy to order and reduces your cost by 40% without sacrificing our 4-color process and High-gloss laminate!

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Tel
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Cyan
  • Pink
  • Maroon
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Green
  • White
Large Roof Texture Colid Color
Blue L6-RT-01 L6-SC-01
Red L6-RT-02 L6-SC-02
Black L6-RT-03 L6-SC-03
Teal L6-RT-04 L6-SC-04
Purple L6-RT-05 L6-SC-05
Orange L6-RT-06 L6-SC-06
Cyan L6-RT-07 L6-SC-07
Pink L6-RT-08 L6-SC-08
Maron L6-RT-09 L6-SC-09
Yellow L6-RT-10 L6-SC-10
Brown L6-RT-11 L6-SC-11
Green L6-RT-12 L6-SC-12
White L6-RT-13 L6-SC-13
Medium Roof Texture Colid Color
Blue M6-RT-01 M6-SC-01
Red M6-RT-02 M6-SC-02
Black M6-RT-03 M6-SC-03
Teal M6-RT-04 M6-SC-04
Purple M6-RT-05 M6-SC-05
Orange M6-RT-06 M6-SC-06
Cyan M-RT-07 M6-SC-07
Pink M6-RT-08 M6-SC-08
Maron M6-RT-09 M6-SC-09
Yellow M6-RT-10 M6-SC-10
Brown M6-RT-11 M6-SC-11
Green M6-RT-12 M6-SC-12
White M6-RT-13 M6-SC-13
Small Roof Texture Colid Color
Blue S6-RT-01 S6-SC-01
Red S6-RT-02 S6-SC-02
Black S6-RT-03 S6-SC-03
Teal S6-RT-04 S6-SC-04
Purple S6-RT-05 S6-SC-05
Orange S6-RT-06 S6-SC-06
Cyan S6-RT-07 S6-SC-07
Pink S6-RT-08 S6-SC-08
Maron S6-RT-09 S6-SC-09
Yellow S6-RT-10 S6-SC-10
Brown S6-RT-11 S6-SC-11
Green S6-RT-12 S6-SC-12
White S6-RT-13 S6-SC-13

Value line roof colors may be printed tiled or solid and may vary slightly from those shown above

LARGE 10" x 43/8" x 57/8"

  • Imprint area: 7" x 41/2"
  • Includes business card slot on roof
  • 1 time set up charge: $39.00(g)
  • Weight 18lbs/100 pieces
QTY Prices3c
100 $2.59
250 $2.49
500 $2.29

MEDIUM 63/8" x 33/9" x 37/8"

  • Imprint area: 5" x 31/4"
  • Includes business card slot on roof
  • 1 time set up charge: $39.00(g)
  • Weight 8lbs/100 pieces
QTY Prices3c
100 $2.09
250 $1.79
500 $1.69

Small 43/8" x 17/8" x 25/8"

  • Imprint area: 3" x 2"
  • 1 time set up charge: $39.00(g)
  • Weight 3lbs/100 pieces
QTY Prices3c
100 $0.89
250 $0.79
500 $0.69