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Custom Printed Apparel Boxes

Custom Boxes Signal Quality

Retailers that wish to cater to a high-end clientele or to supply a major market share of special-occasion gift items in their local area, need to do more than just advertise. Advertisements and highly visible signs can bring customers to the store front and the building's curb appeal may serve to invite them inside, but the packaging of each individual product is also important.

Uniquely Attractive

Custom boxes can make any product stand out attractively on the shelf. Any desired assortment of colors, designs, images, and text can be prominently displayed. The sides can be coated with a glossy finish, textured to give them character, or left with a more rustic, austere appearance. Cut out view windows are also often available to give the prospective buyer a chance to feel the product as well as look at it.

Immediately Recognizable

By choosing particular shapes, sizes, fold patterns, etc., a custom-made box can be made instantly recognizable as containing a certain class of product such as clothing, hats, shoes, jewelry, dinner ware, or candy. Furthermore, the particular brand or the retail outlet where the product was purchased can also be made immediately recognizable by use of customized boxes.

Quality Boxes Sell Separately

Not only can customizable boxes encase and showcase a store's product inventory, but they can also sell separately as gift boxes. Gabled gift boxes, holiday boxes, birthday boxes, etc. will all provide as great a way for customers to present gifts to family and friends. After all, if an attractive box can enhance the appearance of a shelf item, why can't the appearance of personal gifts be enhanced by them as well?

Where to Order Custom-Built Boxes

By calling (877) 992 - 2247 or using the online, live chat assistance at APlasticBag.com, one can access boxes with custom printing. These boxes are always delivered fast and on time, and rush delivery is available. For a free sample box, simply fill out the online form and await speedy arrival.

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