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Custom Printed Lawn and Soils Bags

Resilient Custom Printed Lawn & Soils Bags

When businesses sell gardening materials in bulk, transporting them is always a concern. Soil, mulch and other granule materials cannot simply be received with holes puncturing weak bags. APlasticBag.com tests and verifies all lawn & soils materials to be strong enough to resist even the most volatile shipment movements. Consider these features to incorporate into any gardening business's storage and packaging procedures.

Interior and Exterior Detail

Creating gardening bags isn't as simple as a basic sandwich baggie. In fact, lawn & soils plastics require a specialized design for functionality. When businesses run their hands across the bag's interior walls, they'll feel a slick surface. This smooth construction eases twigs, leaves, grass and other gardening waste into the bag. The exterior has more texture, allowing it to remain in place when stacked for transport.

Color and Text Options

Highlight a business with custom text in almost any color possible. Choose the text size and even the bag's color. Every garden these bags encounter will be met with constant advertising among other professionals and residents alike.

No Punctures

The largest concern for gardening containers is puncture-free designs. APlasticBag.com's design team ensures that all products can withstand some piercing without cutting through the entire bag. Soils must be contained for quality gardening at any job site.

Bagged Solutions

Give APlasticBag.com a call or fill out this form. Specify that custom printed materials are necessary for gardening applications, and representatives will carve a new order out for rapid completion. With rush capabilities, APlasticBag.com is here to serve the gardening business world with custom products that last.

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